A Tribe Called Transport launches an international student challenge!

A Tribe Called Transport, the youth platform of Mpact, organises an international student challenge. We stimulate students from around the world to submit their ideas about making their university or college campus more accessible by focusing on solutions with different FACES (for everyone, automated/autonomous, connected, electric and shared). Below you can find the instructions to participate. Good luck!!

Be part of the final!

The online final event will take place on December 14, 17h-19h CET.

Choose your finalist!

A Tribe Called Transport chooses four finalists, you decide the fifth one.

Why a student challenge?

Mpact believes that students are a good representation of our current society and of what our society will be like in 5-10 years. With our youth platform, A Tribe Called Transport, we not only want to reach students, but also activate them to think critically about our current mobility system and their mobility behavior.

In 2020 we organised an online student challenge with various Belgian universities. The challenge focused on how we can make Mobihubs more accessible to students. The finalist teams presented their ideas about the mobihub of the future during an online event where they were judged by an international jury.

We want to do this again in 2021, but this time we want to go further than just Mobihubs. First of all, we will launch the student challenge nationally and internationally. With the coronacrisis it has once again become clear that safe, efficient and accessible mobility is of great importance. From our small-scale study, we noticed that students experience many obstacles when they travel. We see that the trips to campus are the journeys for which they need the most improvement. On the one hand, this may be because some campuses are not so accessible (or can only be reached by car). On the other hand, it may also be because students are not yet sufficiently aware of alternative sustainable transport modes, such as shared mobility.

Instead of coming up with a solution for the students, we believe it is more interesting to involve and activate the students to create their own solutions. That is the reason why we launch this international student challenge: Which solutions can improve the mobility experience of students during their trips to their class/campus? To answer this question, we want to take a bottom-up approach by encouraging students to actively work on this in a learning environment.

Purpose of the student challenge

  • Make sustainable and shared transport options more known to students.
  • Acquire new insights about the public space on campuses.
  • Gain more insights into the mobility needs of students.
  • Make the campuses a more accessible and pleasant place for students.
  • Engage students to think critically about their travel behavior and the public space they travel in.
  • Engage universities to think critically about their mobility policy.
  • Place sustainable and shared mobility more prominently on the agenda of the universities.

Important deadlines to participate

  • October 2021: Launch of the student challenge
  • October 25, 2021: Deadline for students to register
  • November 25, 2021: Deadline submission paper & powerpoint presentation
  • December 7, 2021: Announcement of the finalists
  • December 14, 2021: Final (online) event where the winners will be chosen by an international jury

Guidelines for the solutions

  • The students have the freedom to choose which solution they want to create to resolve the challenge, e.g. an app, a communication plan, a new mobility concept, infrastructural change...
  • The solution must focus on a concrete challenge on a local level. This means that they can work on building plans for a new campus, campus surroundings, first / last mile accessibility campus, their own experiences...
  • The solutions must be based on at least two aspects of FACES. FACES is an acronym, that stands for For everyone, Automated/Autonomous, Connected, Electric & Shared, that also is a representation of the trends that will shape the future of our Mobility.
    • 'For everyone' stands for the inclusivity and accessibility of mobility solutions: How can your solution be an added value for poorly served people
    • Automated/Autonomous stands for the upswing of automated transport. Can automated shuttles (that are already being tested) have a positive impact on the challenge that you are working on?
    • Connected originally stands for the data exchange between several vehicles on the road. But for the student challenge, we change the meaning of 'Connected' to how multimodality and the switch from one transport mode to another can be more efficient. Can there be a space on the campus or nearby to stimulate sustainable multimodal transport?
    • Electric: Electric transport (cars, steps, bikes) seems to be everywhere these days. What added value can these vehicles have to improve your trip to/from your campus?
    • Shared: All of the options above will be more sustainable when they are shared. How can shared mobility improve your trips to/from your campus? How can the mental shift from owning a mode to using one be stimulated?
  • Use the SMART objectives, but don’t be afraid to think out of the box
  • No development may start before the actual start of the student challenge (October 2021).
  • English is the main language for the student challenge. This means the paper, the powerpoint presentation and the pitch shall be in English.

What is there to win?

  • The first prize is € 400
  • The second prize is € 250
  • The third prize is € 150

Guidelines for teachers/tutors/mentors/Green Offices

  • Promote the student challenge amongst the students through the powerpoint presentation handed over by A Tribe Called Transport.
  • The students are expected to work autonomously on the challenge.
  • Be the first contact person for questions during the process (just like mentoring students during their thesis).
  • The mentors can decide how many times they want to give feedback to the participating students.
  • A Tribe Called Transport will be available via atribecalledtransport@gmail.com or esen.kose@mpact.be for further questions or remarks on the challenge.

Guidelines for the paper and the presentation

How must the paper look like? (Deadline 25/11)

  • Use the template provided below
  • Good title!
  • Introduction: Definition of the challenge + your solution
  • Analysis of the problematic situation (answer the 5 W-questions)
  • Explain your solution using the SMART objectives + include 2 aspects of FACES (for everyone, automated/autonomous, connected, electric & shared)
  • A visualisation of how the solution will look like -> graphic, meme, picture
  • Identify stakeholders +how would you involve your stakeholders.? (cities, neighbourhoods, schools, students...)
  • Conclusion: What are the potential risks of your solution? And what are the positieve effets?
How must the presentation look like? (Deadline 25/11)
  • Out of the box + creative
  • To the point and straightforward
  • Visually appealing
  • Suited for a 5' pitch
  • Include the different parts of the paper

General guidelines to participate

  • Ideally, the student challenge is assigned as a task to a course. But students can also participate outside their curriculum.
  • Students are free to form groups with students from other study programs.
  • Group size: 3-6 students, between 18 and 25 years old (exceptions are possible). Each student group should have one contact person.
  • The students start from concrete cases, e.g. building plans for a new campus, campus surroundings, first / last mile accessibility campus, their own experiences during a trip to their campus…
  • The challenge language is English.
  • A team can submit only one entry.
  • It's free to participate.
  • The challenge is presented by a team with a fun team name!
  • Last but not least, the students must go through this process of registration to make a chance for the final event:
    • The students must first register for the challenge before the 25th of October via the form below.
    • The students must submit their solution as a paper + powerpoint presentation.
    • The finalists must prepare a pitch for the final event.

Terms and conditions

The intellectual property of the projects submitted lies with the students and the universities/colleges. Mpact vzw may communicate about the projects with mentioning the students, the tutor and the university/college. If both parties are interested, a cooperation between the students/the university/college and Mpact vzw may come about in the future.

Register for the student challenge

(Deadline: October 25, 2021)

Download the paper template

(Do you experience problems downloading

the paper? Try a different browser or contact us)

Submit your files to atribecalledtransport@gmail.com

(Deadline: November 25, 2021)

Do you have any questions?


Please contact atribecalledtransport@gmail.com or esen.kose@mpact.be for further information